How To Lay Decking Ideas For Your Home


If you enjoy doing little home maintenance by yourself, it is advisable to know how to lay decking plans. This is a great project to embark on a day and get to enjoy results for a long time to come.Discover here how to lay decking ideas for your home.

To begin with, it is important to get a hold of the various tools that might be needed. These tools include a set of screwdrivers, a hammer drill, a tape measure, a club hummer, a wood preserver, a varnish brush, a circular saw, a spade, spirit level and safety goggles.

For the best results when laying decking plans, it is important that a lot of time goes into planning. One way to bring a lot of attention into your garden is to have the deck boards plan in such a way that they are placed in right angles. Make sure you draw a scale of how you expect to lay the decking. This will how to lay decking ideashelp you get the most ideal results. If you are needs to have building regulation approval, do get the approval so that you do not contravene any laws while on your project.

From the drawing of the scale plan, do make a point to calculate the materials you will need. The scale should give you an exact figure of the area that will be covered. When calculated downwards to the decking packs, you should get an estimate of the packs needed for the project. It is also advisable to find out how many posts and rails that are needed when planning how to lay decking.

To begin, lay out a string on the deck area. Clear all vegetation that might be around it so that you can have a level working area. It is recommended to go a level down so as to have a firm foundation for the decking. At the base of the decking area, lay a fabric cover that will prevent the growth of weeds. The base can also be pegged using concrete slabs. Distance from one slab to the next should be set at about 1400mm to allow for the support of the timber posts.

A spirit level should be used to make sure there is a slight slope of the deck from the house. At least a 10mm drop helps in avoiding gravitational flow of water. A bitumen DPC membrane should go over the concrete blocks prior to laying down of the block.

The frame of the deck should then be created so as to create for a firm structure. If the deck is to be attached to the house, it is recommended that it should be bolted to the wall to ensure the structure is firm. The frame should then be filled with long joists and then deck boards fitted at right angles. Any new cuts must always be treated with preservative to ensure they last long. If you need unique plans for your project, do make a point of visiting us at Joe’s Deck Plans where you will find numerous plans that you can try out in your project.

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