How to Build a Deck On a Budget Diy Ideas You Will Love


Are you planning how to build a deck on a budget but lack ideas to get started? I have here expert guide about how to build a deck on a budget ideas you will love.

The first thing about learning how to build a deck is to understand the components and terminology of what goes into a deck. Obviously the first thing is to have some deck ideas of what you wish to do and have drawn up or purchased some deck plans.

Deck designs can be as simple or as complicated as you like, however the more complicated the more cost to having plans drawn up and in materials required. Most people who are looking to learn how to build a deck are likely to want an entertainment area either as a new project or an addition to an existing deck for the family home. Timber decks are a fantastic place to entertain friends and for relaxing in an outdoor situation, bbqs, parties, you name it decks are a great outdoor retreat.

How to Build a Deck On a Budget Diy Ideas You Will Love

How to Build a Deck On a Budget Diy Ideas You Will Love

Basic deck structures.

The components of a deck comprise of; footings, posts, bearers, joists, decking boards and balustrades.

Assuming we are learning how to build a timber deck we will cover timber deck span tables towards the end.

Starting from the ground up you will need a sound foundation, Your foundation will comprise of posts set into footings of concrete. These posts will support the main bearers or beams. On top of the bearers we lay the deck joists which in turn have the decking boards laid on top.

These guidelines are suggestions only, please check your local building regulations before beginning any deck structure, and always follow all safety precautions.


For the posts, beams and joists you can use hardwoods or soft woods. Treated pine is the most sustainable timber and is an excellent choice for the majority of situations.

Decking timbers.

Again treated pine is a good choice as is redwood, western red cedar, Cyprus and gum. In various parts of the world hardwoods such as kwilla and balua are available however I wonder about the sustainability of using rain forest timber for decks. Also increasing on the market are composite decking products, these materials are getting better every day, not only looking as good as timber but are rot and pest free and don’t need constant maintenance and re sealing as timber decks do.

Deck Span tables.

These will differ in many areas and also with the type of timber used. As a general guide;

Foundation posts will be 4″x 4″ ( 100 x 100mm). Your post hole dimensions will depend upon the quality of ground you are laying foundations on.

Bearers and beams. Depending upon the distances to span the size of the timber will increase. the further the span the heavier the timber in size will be. Typically a short span of say 6 feet (1800 mm) would require a beam of 4″ x 8″, up to say 12 feet ( 3600) you would go for a beam of 4″ x 10″.

Deck joists – When spanning beam spacings of up to 8″ (2400 mm) you will need 6 or 8″ x 2″ ( 190 x 50 ) when in doubt go heavier than what you think you need, for spans up to 10 or 12 feet ( 3000 – 3600 mm) opt for 10 x 2 joists.

Learning how to build a deck is very straight forward and is within the capabilities of anyone who can read a plan and wield a hammer, there is not much that can go wrong as long as you follow well written deck plans.

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