Deck Designs Ideas, How to Create Great Deck Design For Your Home


Creating the perfect deck can be an overwhelming experience. Most people do not know how to build a good deck. Here are some perfect deck design ideas that can make building a deck an enriching learning phenomenon. Firstly, let us ask ourselves why it is so important to get the correct deck design ideas. It is because deck construction often strongly influences the whole appearance of the property.

A functional wood deck contains six parts: decking, hand railings, footings, beams, posts and joists. While planning a deck you need to consider three basic factors: functionality, structural stability and aesthetic. The aesthetics of your deck is driven by your choice of decking and railings while the location of beams and posts have a major impact on the stability of it.

First decide how you are going to use the outdoor deck. Do you want some benches or lounge chairs or even a dining table in that area? How many people will be using the deck?

Deck Designs Ideas, How to Create Great Deck Design For Your Home

deck design ideas

Important factors that influence the design and location of your deck:

# Projected use (playing area, sunbathing, family entertainment, relaxation, dining, etc.)
# Appearance (focuses on a good view, increase value to home)
# Adequate sunlight
# Air currents (allow smooth flow of breezes, stamp heavy winds)
# Privacy (less street noise)
# Safety (for kids and elders)
# Access to home
# Type of deck terrain (ground level, elevated deck or split level)
# Current home design (compatibility with existing plan)
# Other specific needs and likings

You should ensure that the deck does not shut access to any electrical, gas, drainage or utility systems while deciding the location.

It is equally important to check local deck building codes once you have finalized the size, shape and location of the deck. In many cases local codes may pose some restrictions on the size and height of the deck.

Deck design ideas have to be built around the important aspects such as considering the climate conditions. Do you use it more during the summer time? Then consider making the deck face the north side. Apparently, this should be avoided if you are going to use the deck when the winter hits. You might end up making the deck face south since you can shield yourself from scorching sun than the alternative of producing warmth.

A good deck design idea integrates the concept of harmony. You would evidently want your deck to be in sync with your house. Imagine a deck which is relatively huge or tiny compared to your house. Bring the design of the deck to match with the average size of a room in your house. That would make sure it does not look odd.

Hiring a deck designer would be necessary only when you want a highly sophisticated deck. Constructing a classy deck needs years of experience. A novice would often find himself short of good deck design ideas. The ideas given in this article about creating the perfect deck would be a good starting place for the basics of the learning experience.

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